Get Your Life Back at South Nassau Chiropractic with our state of the art Radial Pulse Therapy!

For treatment of:

  • Chronic muscular back pain
  • Neck and anterior shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Achilles tendon or foot pain
  • Limited range of motion due to scar tissue

How does RPT work?

The device delivers mechanical energy into the target tissue. This energy will increase circulation and treat muscle aches and pains in the impaired area. It also affects the tissue tone in a positive way, making Dr. Finkelstein’s other therapies more effective.

Your chronic pain may be related to scar tissue and adhesions formed either in soft tissue or tendon/ ligament post injury. A treatment with the en Puls effectively presses the reset button on chronic scarred and hard-to-treat soft tissue. Scar tissue or adhesions in many cases adheres to and puts pressure on nerves which can result in pain. By breaking up the scarring and adhesions, the treatment helps take the pressure off the nerve and increases circulation to the area which helps the body heal itself more efficiently. Plus, this will help increase range of motion.


Is it normal to experience pain during treatment?

Radial Pulse Therapy (RPT) creates a mechanical stress that may cause mild discomfort during treatment. Depending on the desired depth of penetration, varying amounts of energy may be utilized to create the desired effect and some soreness may be experienced post treatment.

What is the duration of pain relief after treatment?

Most patients report some pain relief after the first treatment. However, the effects are most prominent following the second or third treatment. Dr. Finkelstein will be able to help you through this process, as every patient may respond differently.

How many treatments are required on average?

The normal number of treatments for most conditions is 3 to 4, but certain conditions may require up to a maximum of 9 treatments. Four to 10 days between treatments is recommended for the body to recover naturally. If the maximum of 9 treatments is required, it is advisable to wait 4 to 6 weeks before the next treatment to the same area of the body.

Can I continue playing sports or normal physical exercise after RPT?

Physical exercise promotes metabolism and the restructuring processes in the tissue. It is normal to continue your physical activities within guidelines set by Dr. Finkelstein.




Light Therapy
A light probe is a healing device that works with three different wavelengths of light. Used to promote safe and effective relief of many types of pain as well as promote a faster healing rate. This helps the body to increase the speed of cell healing.

Ultrasound Therapy
There are two main effects of ultrasound. First, pulsed ultrasound is used to treat acute injuries and help move fluids and reduce inflammation. Second, continuous ultrasound is used to help chronic conditions by deep heating the tissue. This encourages blood flow to promote more rapid healing.

Interferential Therapy (IFC)
IFC is a frequency that is among the most effective types of electric stimulation for both acute and chronic pain control. IFC works by stimulating the production of the body’s own natural pain-relieving substances.

Hear What Patients Say

“After two bock surgeries and one spinal cord pain stimulator did not relieve my pain, the doctors said I would just have to live with it. After RPT I feel I have recovered at least 80% of my quality of life.”
– J. Piescharon, age 73

“Within two or three treatments of my forearm all sorts of minor pain stopped completely.”
-I. Schnumacher, age 47,
Crossfit Competitor

“I just wont to keep doing everything I love to do as long as I possibly con!”
– G. Valcho, age 48,
Marathon runner who credits RPT with swiftly relieving her Achilles tendon pain